GVI institutes a comprehensive program / program management approach which is tailored to specific customer needs and requirements. This comprehensive Program Management approach includes:

Identification of the Specific Customer Needs - Our customers participate in the process in which our customer support plan is developed. This customer support plan identifies the requirements of personnel, the program technical, schedule and cost expectations. Furthermore, the process in which the results of the program / project, as well as our management activities, are measured and communicated to all stakeholders.

Development of Customer Strategic Support Plan - Upon identification of the specific customer needs, GVI creates and communicates a customer support plan. Once approved, this plan is used as a tool in which the customer expectations are communicated to the GVI Management Team and our employees supporting the project / program.

Recruitment and Placement of the Ideal Management Team - Utilizing the customer support plan, the appropriate management team is identified and put in place. As often as possible, we provide our customers the opportunity to meet prospective employees that will be placed on their program.

Implementation of the Customer Support Plan - GVI management tools and methodologies implemented are:

Technical - Our program managers are responsible for utilizing baseline comparison tools to ensure the program / project technical expectations are maintained.

Time Schedule - Tools, such as project management schedules, are used to fully understand and communicate the project / program status, as well as understand schedule change impacts.

Cost - GVI utilizes cost management tools, such as earned value, on all programs that we manage.

Quality- Quality metric baseline requirements are established and measured. As the normal course of business, GVI establishes and maintains systems in which corrective and preventative actions are recorded and reported until closure.

Risk Management & Mitigation - All risks are identified, weighted for severity, and are continuously communicated. Our Management Team identifies and implements mitigations for all program / project risks.  

Communicate Progress and Status - Program / project status is communicated to all stakeholders using the metrics agreed upon with our customers and the senior GVI Management Team, as outlined in the customer strategic support plan.